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On Walkabout at dawn.  The moon leads Venus and one trailing star westward as the sky lightens.

Curious autumn wind stirs still fully-leaved trees.

Ceaseless rushing sound, swirling, piling up, rolling on.

The trees are like ocean waves. I try to hear, what they try to say.

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Saturday morning – out and about – sun is bright.  Light fog drifts 20 feet up, cirrus clouds, checkerboard contrails in big sky.

Sideways sunbeams reflect off spent cornstalks, October’s first frost melting.  Fields stretching, harvest stubble, roadside carts of butternut and pumpkin.  Pick up what you want, leave money in the can.

Deep reaching rows of deciduous trees blanketed by autumn.  A palisade of weeping willows down a cultivated road.

Autumn morning,  the sun remains strong.

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