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The bike

With new tires and a new seat, it looks like someone cares about the bike that was tossed on my lawn last Friday afternoon.

Its brand name, “Rip Claw,” seems appropriately ferocious for a boys’ bicycle.  The wear and tear around the handles and body of it provide evidence it is well-loved, or at least, well-used.

I found it on the grass after the school day ended, and expected someone, or someone’s parent, would pick it up soon.  A day passed, and I set it up on its kick-stand by the side of the road.  The weekend passed.  Odd and noble, it waits.

Wednesday update — On Monday, the bike went on its way.  I assume its owner remembered and retrieved it, or perhaps it has a new owner now.  Either way, it is no longer sidelined–something bicycles were never meant to be.

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