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Closets are interesting.  They hide from view artifacts of life and not-oft used objects that need to rest a piece.  Some closets are fancy, most are not. Closets hold what we cherish and what we need – whether useful or not.

All closets need a good sorting at some point.

In my case, it is the cupboard under the stairs, wherein objects  from different ages reside.  While I am opulent in retention of things relating to my children, memories from my own past are best moved along.  The thing – me – speaks for itself.

I found an old answering machine, 1998 does not seem that long ago, but I guess it is.  Packed in its original box, it hails from Canada where I  lived after my first life, and before this one.  Cats and humans are sometimes not so different.

Couldn’t help but plug it in – the idea of a message, even my own greeting  from the ether was compelling. 

A tinny, electronic voice repeated No messageno announcement.  Time and disconnection erased all else.  A deeply factual statement.

Closets are good for things remembered well.  And for me,  that includes things that remember – that also speak for themselves.  There is room for nothing more.

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