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And Still the Peepers

On Walkabout this morning.

It rained overnight, the streets shine.  Worms stranded in the middle of the street, I rescue as many as I can.

Coming up on the corner, I hear them, the spring peepers.

In these parts, spring peepers are a small chorus frog that herald the arrival of spring.  This year, I heard them first a week ago last Thursday.  Theirs is the first song of the morning, followed by the solo of the 5 AM robin.  Not long after, a chorus of birdsong serenades in the day.

Nowadays, the streets are more quiet than the birds in the trees and the frogs in the bogs. Residents stay home, school buses are parked, waiting out the virus raging across the land.

Spring peepers are a sure thing when nothing else is.  I am grateful.

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