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I have a little Blue Dot
that goes in and out with me
and what can be the use of him
is as far as the eye can see–

He’s very very like me from the left and from the right,
And I see him walk along with me
down the street, or out at night.

The funniest thing about him
is the way he likes to go–
Keeping time and pace with me,
the Blue Dot is always in the know.

As I gaze down upon him
on the device within my hand,
I feel a friendly gratitude for his help upon the land–
or on the sea, or wherever on this broad broad earth
that I might happen just to be.

Guided by the ether, the Blue Dot never strays,
a solid sense of position is provided every day.
No time is ever needed to reckon out the map
And only loss of cell reception offers him a nap.

I have a little Blue Dot,
that is helpful as can be-
And what can be the use of him
is as far as my eye can see.


*The blue dot familiar to users of Google Maps owes it invention to the Space Race and the development of the Global Positioning System (GPS) by the US government.

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