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On a train trip not so long ago, I saw…

  • Cars stopped for the train
  • A small poodle-mix dog, pawing at a gate in a wet backyard full of abandoned equipment.  Children on the outside of the gate board a school bus.
  • Quiet understory trees, evenly spaced, waiting for a sunny break
  • Fields of wet and muck
  • Remnant tracks and trails
  • The regular, but not unwelcome, call of the train
  • Trees in various phases of dress, from bare to almost fully leafed
  • Christmas lights, strung and lit
  • Ditches, makeshift bridges
  • Fields of logged trees, massive trunks, cut, piled and strewn like a child’s Lincoln Logs
  • Sleeping blueberry fields
  • Crop fields yet unplanted, with irrigation laid
  • A coal train, its cars full and uncovered, moving quickly in the opposite direction, seemingly feet from my viewing window
  • Leafless hybrid apple trees clutching their trellis with arms akimbo
  • A toppled creche, half the holy family bleached by sun lying face down in spring mud
  • Prefabricated greenhouse, lit from within by a pink-red glow
  • Topless storage tanks, in various moods, from full to empty. Piping, planks, tires and RV parts that have seen better days.
  • A leggy black dog with awhite-tipped tail nosing grass
  • Through a window, a woman lies abed in an Urgent Care facility, waiting attention
  • Canada goose, slowly rippling across an otherwise still pond
  • Fallow fields of chaff
  • A courageous patch of volunteer daffodils thriving at the edge of an industrial debris pile
  • Red-winged blackbird clinging to a reed, swaying with the wind
  • Cement pad, maybe once a parking lot, almost entirely reclaimed by grass
  • A male mallard duck navigating water under a trestle bridge
  • Jittery seated train passenger, knees ceaselessly moving, eyes closed, head turning to run his mouth rhythmically along a finger held horizontally to his closely cropped beard
  • Hills, shorn of shrubs, eroding downward
  • Two turkeys in a field
  • A weathered plastic high chair decaying in a ditch miles from anywhere
  • In a lot, semi-trucks, lined up like teeth
  • Rusted swings aside a rusted backhoe, near a rusting gate
  • Post-holiday, Easter rabbit cutouts fill every empty space of an impressively bedecked yard
  • Endless industrial sheds, rust swarming the siding and coloring the surrounding concrete pads
  • Algae blooms in drainage ditches
  • Startled white-tail deer
  • Flare stacks flame skyward on a dystopian landscape littered with piles of tailings and pipe fittings.  The sky is choked with smokestacks and silos.
  • Rounded colorful graffiti on rail cars, surprisingly similar wherever it is found
  • Sets of high voltage towers stretch into the distance
  • Low hanging clouds with only a bird now and then to punctuate the weight
  • High top coal cars open to the sky, parked and piled full
  • Aged, black and rust, steaming industrial silos, lifeless but for the pollution spilling skyward, coal piles, girdles of pipes, smokestacks, and gas flares
  • The Golden Arches soaring above a freeway exit
  • Peeling cement silos standing mid-river, topped with iron bridgework and a multi-lane freeway

Flashing by, each scene holds a place in the arc of a narrative whose endpoints I cannot see. Homeopathic doses of a bigger world only guessed at.

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