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There is a lamp on my bedstand today.  Not new, but a gift from the Neighbor in transition.

Yesterday  the Neighbor closed on the sale of her house.  A 30 minute excursion through a stack of paper that transferred ownership of her property to someone else.  Signed and delivered, the street address is hers no longer.

The Neighbor has sizable equity in that house.  Married when she moved in, married to a different man as she moves out, having wed the Handyman on a lovely autumnal day this past October.

In between  came two beautiful children and an ugly divorce.  For almost 15 years I watched the Neighbor pour strength and love into her house.  In return, the house became a Home, beloved by family and admired by friends.

They say location is everything.  The emotional landscape she created on that geographic space became their universe, as it does with any true Home.  Four walls and a roof holds the cosmos in its entirety where the right conditions exist.

The spirit of the place follows the Neighbor.  It also remains behind, part of a complex energetic background gift to the family moving in.

Consolidated households sometimes have leftovers.  The Neighbor gave me the lamp from her bedroom, a light from the center of the place.  Just as there is a difference between a house and a Home, there is difference between light and illumination.  I received both.  Thank you Neighbor.

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