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From a window, afternoon light filters through shifting, still-clinging autumn leaves onto a laundry room wall. Dazzling, real-time projection. Viewed but unrecorded by anything other than my memory.  Home movies.

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Long Time Gone

Dogs barking somewhere in Rustic Canyon. Terraces rising against the hill. In the dark, someone probably walking their purebred Afghan dog has annoyed someone else’s pug. Up there in in the dark. 1972, Santa Monica, California.

The dogs have stopped now, as have the far-off construction noises that called them to mind.

Getting older has its privileges. Like this ability, opportunity really, to tend to a long-forgotten memory summoned by present day stimuli.

A gift of older age – time travel afforded to those with a memory still to visit – the slipping back to a decades-old place at just the hint of a sound, a scent or a song. It pulls, doesn’t it?

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