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On walkabout with the moon riding high
Northbound, my shadow leads the way
Southbound, I follow the moon
Isn’t it so.

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Moon and cloud

Cloud over moon

Cloud and moon


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Night is when eternity comes to play – or is it just me?

A half moon, a few clouds, and the cicadas that signal summer’s end – cool enough now for open windows.

I am partial to the night.  With the passing of years, memories crowd the darkness, living like yesterday, or perhaps tomorrow, already in memory.

It has always seemed wise to me, to live in memory. To recollect how today’s words and deeds will play 20 years down the road.  Or at night, when the truth sits gently, without bumping into the glare of day.

The night tells it straight, for some that must be hell.  For me, it is good company, somewhere between now and then, here and forever.


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The last total solar eclipse visible throughout the continental United States was in 1918.  On Monday, August 21, a total solar eclipse will stretch across this country, offering a personal view to anyone interested in stepping outside.

When the moon slips between the solar disk and the earth, it throws shade on the path below. For millennia, the darkened sun has influenced history, struck terror, and inspired wonder.  A solar eclipse is on my bucket list, so I am hoping to see what I can see.

Oddly enough, during an eclipse, the moon is not visible, but its impact is clear.  Although gobbling the light, it’s form can only be guessed.  It is not unlike life, when shadows fall from a source never seen, history shifts, and the path dims – often for years down the road.  Total or partial, eclipse is as home in the soul as it is in the sky.

Wishing you good weather, and the view you seek, wherever you may be.






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Remember, the moon is bright because it is looking at something we cannot see.

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