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Eternal moments or endless hours, it is a serious understatement to say time is relative.

Time is precious though.  A human-made construct to waste, or use, as we see fit.

For me, this year finally saw the end of five years of divorce and custody litigation.  Muscular legal effort is the only remedy to a high conflict character.  A great deal of wasted time and money to reach the obvious, and satisfactory, conclusion.

Souls were born, souls passed on, this year brought grief and joy for times had no longer.

In the meantime, the world writhed in its brutality, and its beauty.

Time.  It is all we have – while we have it.  Goodbye 2014.

May we find peace, health and happiness in the coming year.





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I wish for you a sunny day, on a hill with friends somewhere in May
I wish for you a forest strong with snow and light and forgotten song

I wish for you a cafe scene with noise and thought and talk
I wish for you a common place for you and love to take a walk

For ocean, mountain and desert red and a comfortable place to lay your head
But most for health and to get by, and for the moon to shine within your eye

These are days that run by fast, a whisper here and then they’ve passed
So onward ever, with time as friend, an open heart with no dark end.

Be well, be strong as change draws near —
Happy New Year my friend, Happy New Year.

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