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Westbound on a busy semi-rural highway.  High speeds, people trying to get somewhere else.  I am late too.

Setting sun renders oncoming silhouettes.  Roadside, a glint of something round on the ground.  A passing glance adds to the picture — a small frisbee-sized turtle, head up, waiting by the side of the road.

There are at least five cars behind me.  Driving on, I sadly considered the likely fate that awaits a reptile aiming for greener pastures.

All things considered, I swung a U-turn miles down the road and headed back.

Hoping I wasn’t too late, I scanned the roadside and found the turtle – now in the middle of the highway, still moving.  As each truck or car passed, its head and feet snapped back into its shell, unaware the shell afforded no protection from the machinery in its midst.

When traffic cleared, I ran for it.  Airlifting it to the green bank opposite, the turtle reached its destination.

Why did the turtle cross the road?  I have no idea, but at least I know it made it.




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