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You say tomato…

Summer’s end signals the presence of ripe tomatoes in my overgrown garden.  Different types, heirlooms grown from seed, vines slide slowly to the ground under the weight.

Fall feeling day, hummingbirds pay me no mind as I move my garden hod through the vines, picking up large tomatoes, many blemished, fine by me.

Blanched, peeled and processed, there is a fine tomato soup in the future, especially when I push past some friendly weeds to find the basil planted earlier this summer.

Early evening, sun in the west window, kitchen is aglow.  Cleaning up, a solid field of tomato seeds and membrane covers the bottom of my white porcelain sink.  Bright red, and red orange, floating with dun seeds,  a moment of extraordinary color that took a summer to grow.  So common, so rare.

Hard to know what we are here for, if not to notice moments such as these.

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Butter, flour, salt and a few other things.  Flour floats in air backlit by sunlight.  A wooden spoon works and whirls, the world turns.  Simple ingredients into simple food – biscuits, hot, fluffy.

Homegrown tomatoes, basil, oregano and a few other things.  First Tomato Soup, solid recipe, but given my penchant for novelty, no two batches are alike.  Consternation but no complaint from my sons.  My thinking that food should be responsive to time, mood, need.

A large ceramic bowl, a common long-handled wooden spoon.  The cauldron to hold, conjure, and feed a world.  The wooden wand to transform and beckon the gift forward.  Cooking is not just chemistry, it is alchemy.

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