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Owl Moon

Just past full, a moon so bright only major constellations are visible.

Early morning, autumn in the air, just me and the night critters.  An opossum and I startled each other mid-street.

Rounding a corner, an unmistakable call.  Somewhere in the trees to my left was a Great Horned Owl, I stopped. Soon, I realized I was  listening in the wrong direction.  The call was coming from my right, a greenbelt behind a string of low-slung ranch-style homes.

Then I caught on.  It was a duet, the conversation of two Great Horned Owls, with me in the middle.  I listened in for some time before the call to my left threaded off as it flew quietly through the dark.  My cue to leave.

There is magic in the language of owls.  And a kind of hope, at least so says author Jane Yolen.  “The kind of hope that flies on silent wings under a shining Owl Moon.”



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A grey dun flock spirals upward in the spotlight of a towering freeway fixture in an early morning downtown snowstorm.  Schooling fish of the air, the birds, transcendent, wheel high above massive dark overpasses and funneling commuter traffic.

Amid the metal and cavern of a high concrete parking garage, I watch.

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Four Baltimore Orioles, one Flicker, one Blue-Jay, one Goldfinch, two squirrels.  One Cardinal, three Robins, two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, a wild variety of richly colored sparrows, a Downy Woodpecker – one Cowbird.

The view out the picture window at the office of the physical therapist.  Inflexibility may have its seasons, but distraction has its day.  Grateful for that.

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