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Four Baltimore Orioles, one Flicker, one Blue-Jay, one Goldfinch, two squirrels.  One Cardinal, three Robins, two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, a wild variety of richly colored sparrows, a Downy Woodpecker – one Cowbird.

The view out the picture window at the office of the physical therapist.  Inflexibility may have its seasons, but distraction has its day.  Grateful for that.

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This morning I lifted a piece of fruit to my mouth with my left hand.  With some effort I completed the deal.

Later, I lifted both arms straight above my head and tried to touch the sky.  I did not quite make it, but close.

Bringing hands down, I did my best to let left meet right.  Fingers touching as if in prayer, they made it.  Right fingers knobby and normal.  Left fingers swollen, discolored.  It is okay.  They met again.

About five weeks ago, they looked pretty similar.  A break in the action changed that.

Now they rest together.  The left entwined with the right, in a posture we call folded.  But I know better.  Two old friends, once parted, now together again.  Each leaning on the other for comfort.  Howdy stranger.


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I took a step, I took a fall.

On the way, I had the briefest of moments to choose.  Hand or foot.  I chose stability over ability.  Probably says something.

Wrist broken in a couple of places.  Surgery ahead.

Today begins unique appreciation of the world with one hand.  So far, the child-proof cap on the pain medication and the pepper grinder proved frustrating.  Whoever invented arm slings that adjust in the back never wore one.  Bootlaces are out for the count.

Always felt lucky to be able-bodied.  Many are not.  Different challenges now.


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