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Have you ever had your screen and programs freeze up for no apparent reason – only to find a dialog box in the background is waiting for action?

Life is a like that sometimes. Without attending to the background, sometimes you just can’t get anywhere.

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Glistening clouds of snow blanket the ground, the roof, the roads.

You may know these mornings.  Quiet, a dog barking in the distance, conifers silhouette a deep blue sky brightening before an orange-stroked sunrise.

Winter storms pass, leaving moments of unsullied stillness. Beneath the blanket and cold, some things sleep, some perish, some wait – much like memory. Other than the energy of our blood and bones we are only memory. Some memories finally pass, others will only pass when we do.

The sun will soon dazzle the landscape with its untrammeled brilliance, blinding thought to anything but glory. Then the blankets will fray to fluid and reveal again what lies there. 

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Have you noticed?  You are getting older.  So am I.

At my annual physical recently – a systems check of moving parts. cardiac, respiratory, gastrointestinal, musculature, neurological, and dermatological.  Blood pressure — the force at which blood courses through veins to keep major organs fit.  Blood pressure is a Goldilocks statistic — neither high nor low is just right.

In concert, these systems create the song that is you. Regardless of age, the collaboration of those systems, and that song, is changing, even now. The breath and thought of today cannot be the same tomorrow.

The pithy slogan “Change Happens,” reminds those with concretized views that change comes to each life.  The deeper truth is we are change, conditioned upon those beautiful physiologic systems and the environments in which we find ourselves.

Sudden or chronic illness, or accident, drives home the message. If lucky, we are allowed to live within the one body granted us until it ages out of the game. Generation after generation until humans are no more.

Life is anguish for some, joy for others, maybe most of the time somewhere in between. Bridging the space between sky and earth, our bodies are the gift that allow us to feel, express, reflect, participate. They ferry us where we want to go on the planet, in its waters, and above.

Experience is the natural and sometimes hard-won aim of biological life.  When systems fail and the body slumps, the kernel that is us trills on, star stuff once again. The drama, accomplishments, losses, and possessions mean naught but as the memories of others that will fade in time.

At dawn, noon, or dusk, mind the blood, mind the body, and enjoy your glorious time while it lasts.

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Peerless blue day driving east, sky brightening, sun not yet risen.  Clear cantaloupe colored horizon, scattered shooting stars of short airplane contrails falling like fireworks.

Later in the morning, setting out trash at the curb.  Skyward two contrails form an intersection the height of the sky, dwarf the earth, impossible to miss.  Marks the spot, so near, so far…we are all here, just now, in time.

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What it is

Interesting thought for a day, found on a scrap…

Bring me what you have
I’ll take it.
From where, one cannot know
To where, the same
Bring it with you,
I’ll take it.

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Looking at a wall calendar,  it was September before I knew it.  The picture is Zions National Park in Utah, a place I have set foot.

I know the texture of the scrub grass, the look, feel and warmth of sandstone and the terrain it creates.  Dry places interspersed by cold stream or river.  Changing treeline, now deciduous, then coniferous, I have touched those anonymous twisting trunks.  Blue plateau in the distance.  Shape, color and setting unique on the planet.  Even the air, the whiff of sage in the breeze.  Sparse.  Big sky, I can breathe.

We visit places, but if touched deeply, do we ever leave?  Transit through memory of image.  Is it illusion that I sit in a chair, in my home office, washing machine gently chugging, crickets sounding through open windows?  With age I understand no tickets are needed to ride.

I wish I were there.  Maybe I am.

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On walkabout, the world appears about as it should, despite the march of the calendar.

A chat with an elderly neighbor, a friendly wave to the trash collector and the UPS fellow.  Leaves changing but weather still warm, dry pebbles working their way out of the roadbed.

The gift of  inconsequence, eternity in the most common moments.  Ordinary is anything but.

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Try this at home when alone, and fully alert.

Sit in a chair, or stand purposefully.  At the same time – clap your hands loudly together and sternly and sharply speak  the words wake up out loud.

I hope it works for me.

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The arrogance of mankind.

Weather on demand,” the radio DJ said, online, on the radio, in the air.

Forecast the pattern coming to a sky near you. Tune in, listen, count on it – it is coming in the air.

Human word nets cast over natural events, be comfortable, it’s handled – feel control you can never have.

Cloudy words, rainy days, frozen atmosphere. Take a guess, use your radar, no one ever knows what’s coming.

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…”makes no difference who you are…”

Magnanimous fella, that Jiminy Cricket. Seemed to like astronomy too, probably spent a fair bit of time stargazing, being a cricket and all.

Old Jiminy saw fate up there, blowing around in the stars. A single wish, a single star can do the trick. I wonder what a group of stars could do.

Like say, a constellation – remember those? Pegasus, Orion, Andromeda? Groups of stars that altogether point to a bigger picture when we look at them from a distance, from earth.

Alone, each star has its own history and depth, much like a single event, or a single person in our lives. We don’t usually get too much distance from events in our lives, so the bigger picture? Hard to see.

But sometimes, events in our day, or over a lifetime, “constellate,” become vibrant, or active enough for us to see that bigger picture in our lives, our own personal constellation – if we can stand by long enough to see it.

…”Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you through…”

Jiminy seemed to see a bigger reason up there in the stars, some invisible something flashing out of nowhere that puts it all together for a reason, saving our skin and our heart’s desire in the process. In just that moment, it all makes sense.

Bolt out of the blue?” Sounds like Jiminy appreciated meteorology too. Renaissance man.

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