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Peerless blue day driving east, sky brightening, sun not yet risen.  Clear cantaloupe colored horizon, scattered shooting stars of short airplane contrails falling like fireworks.

Later in the morning, setting out trash at the curb.  Skyward two contrails form an intersection the height of the sky, dwarf the earth, impossible to miss.  Marks the spot, so near, so far…we are all here, just now, in time.

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On walkabout, cloudless, sunny cold day.

Rounding  the street, my mind happened on an idea worth pursuing.  Simultaneously my eyes caught an airplane splitting the vault of the sky evenly by contrail.

Atmospheric conditions being what they were, the disappearing contrail followed the plane closely, a daylit  shooting star down the western horizon.   Airy exclamation point on thoughts worth considering.   Maybe a good sign.

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